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       Everyone at some point in time must have got fascinated by the popping open of a sparkling wine bottle. If this is how you open your bubbly then you’re doing it all wrong! A high pressure inside the bottle makes your wine overflow. It also takes away all the bubbles (carbon dioxide) from your bubbly and you’re left with a flat wine. In today’s blog post, we’ll be exploring the simplest and correct way to open a wine bottle.



Steps to open a Champagne (/Sparkling Wine) bottle

      You’d be amazed to know that the pressure behind the cork of sparkling wine is around 90 psi which is three times the air pressure of a car tire! Thus, one needs to ensure safety while opening the bottle:


1. The first and foremost thing before opening your bottle is to ensure that the wine is chilled. بوكر اون لاين The ideal temperature to be maintained is 45℉. لعبة جاك If the wine is not cold enough, you might run the risk of the cork being released very quickly.


2. Carefully cut the foil from just below the tip of your bottle to uncover the cage and the cork.

3. Now, to open the cage you need to twist it exactly six and a half times. In order to eliminate the risk of the cork popping out prematurely, firmly press your thumb against the cork while holding the bottle at a 45° angle. العاب المال



4. Hold the bottle steady and twist it carefully while maintaining pressure on the top. We do not twist the cork because then it may break into your wine and you’d definitely not want its pieces floating in your wine glass.

5. After a few turns, the bottle will loosen up. Remove the cork gently and there you go!