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Types of Regional Wines

• Bordeaux Wine: These are wines produced in the Bordeaux region of France. While a variety of grapes are grown in the region, the most common types are Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
• Burgundy Wine: These are wines produced in the Burgundy region of France. A Red Burgundy is usually a Pinot Noir, while a White Burgundy is usually a Chardonnay.
Champagne: Champagne is sparkling wine, but the name can only be applied to wines produced in the Champagne region of France.

How to Choose a Good Wine

Choosing a “good wine” starts with understanding what you like and don’t like…which is where this whole Beginner’s Guide to Wine comes in. Once you start to understand all the wine basics, aromas, terms, etc., you’ll start to understand what you prefer. Doing a lot of wine tasting helps too, of course.
Some things to keep in mind while tasting so you know what type of wine to choose:
  • Do you prefer sweet or dry wine?
  • Do you like light fruity flavors, or do you prefer richer flavors?
  • Do you prefer wines that are tart or smooth?
  • Do you like full-bodied wines or light-bodied wines?
  • What kind of aromas or flavor notes stick out to you the most while tasting, and which ones do you like best?
  • Corkwines’ top tips for good wine, though…is to drink whatever you like. Take a sip, decide whether you like it or not, and stick to the ones you enjoy most. ربح المال من الانترنت مجانا There’s no right or wrong wine to drink!

How to Store Wine

Here are a few guidelines for storing wine at home:
  • Store unopened bottles of wine in a cool, dark place with mid-range levels of humidity (50-70%).
  • Ideally, wine should be stored at 12°C, and should stay in a temperature-stable area.
  • While 12°C is considered the perfect temperature, anywhere from about 7-15.5°C is okay for long-term storage.
  • Store wines horizontally rather than standing up, especially if they have corks (rather than screw tops).
  • After opening a bottle, re-cork or use a rubber stopper to close off the bottle, and re-store for 3-5 days.
  • If you’re going to store a lot of wine, or store for a long time, consider getting a wine fridge for the best storage temperature and humidity. A regular fridge is usually too cold for long-term wine storage.
  • Most wines do not benefit from aging (beyond the aging by the producer). Anything you buy at the store is ready to drink, although you can store it for years (it’s recommended to drink a bottle of wine within 5 years). قوانين البلاك جاك